Frans Zwartjes - Sans Titre, 1966

Turtle dances while showering. [video]

mad cute.

“When you love someone, you give them everything, but then they turn out to be a dick, and everything gets chucked back in your face. Then you’re insecure, paranoid, and jealous, and you’re obsessed over that person. It’s one massive head game because you’re like, “Who am I now?” You feel like this shriveled-up Gollum-like creature. And then you hate yourself because you’re trying so hard and it’s just not working. That’s what my album’s about.” -FKA Twigs

This is why I fucks with Twigs.

the0nlyfanever asked: "R U Mine?"

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High. 



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"If I still feel a grain of anxiety, it is at the thought of this unseizable moment slipping through my fingers like a ball of quicksilver. Let those who want to, stand aside from the world. I no longer feel sorry for myself, for now I see myself being born. I am happy in this world for my kingdom is of this world. A cloud passes and a moment grows pale. I die to myself."

— Albert Camus - Notebooks 1935-1942 (via sisyphean-revolt)

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Anonymous asked: "Could we just talk? Like I don't know how else to NOT come off as a creep or anything like that, or wind up sending you a bunch of messages and coming off as thirsty/desperate or any of that crap. I genuinely want to know you and I literally have no idea how to go about it because you eventually stop answering and I'm just sorta like "ugh great now what do I do" and I'm not even trying anything, I just want to be one of your friends"

Definitely. Sometimes I get too many messages, so I just cant reply or respond. Or most of the time, im just extremely busy with school work or whatever. Its always a give and take. Send me a message, lets be friends. Im sorry, i’m pretty busy u_u.

Anonymous asked: "Where are you hoping to find your significant other? Would you hate it if your significant other started from dating sites or dating apps?"

I would love if my significant other and I would find each other in real life. Im really laid back so I don’t even think people know when I like them. Not at all, lol. I actually welcome that with open arms.

Lmfaoooo ghostboycarlos is this the one you were talking about?

I can relate to this



The one thing I want in life is to give love and be loved in return.

And bacon. Lots of bacon.

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"I’m the jealous type . You wanna know why? Because we started off as “just friends,” too."

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